Bassist, guitarist, composer and arranger. Second level Academic Diploma in Musical Disciplines with an interpretative-compositional orientation – Jazz at the “Pietro Mascagni” Higher Institute of Music Studies in Livorno with the highest marks.

On July 5, 2021, on the occasion of the Accademia Chigiana International Festival 2021, he is solo electric bassist in the Italian premiere of “Music for Ensemble and Orchestra” by the New York composer Steve Reich with the Tuscan Regional Orchestra and Giuseppe Ettorre (double bass soloist). Dir. Daniele Rustioni.

In 2018 with the Glenn Ferris Italian Quintet he published the CD “Animal Love” for Improvvisatore Involontario.
“This record is wonderful. It looks like it came out of a Jarmush movie… ”(Radio Ros Brera).
“Improvvisatore Involontario publishes the exciting Animal Love of the Glenn Ferris Italian Quintet. The American trombonist together with the clarinetist M. Mariottini, the guitarist G. Stracciati, the bassist F. Fabbrini and the drummer P.Corsi, realizes a record of unusual beauty “(Gianluca Diana,” Alias ​​”Il Manifesto)

In 2013 with Michael Blake on tenor sax, Alessandro Giachero on piano and Francesco Petreni on drums he created the CD “At the fortess”, a project of original compositions that blends tradition with modern jazz, in which different experiences create a single, extremely varied and with a strong emotional impact.

Many projects have arisen from the multi-year collaboration with the guitarist Roberto Nannetti, including the “Quartetto Acustico Latino” with which in 1998 he made the CD “L’uomo che canta” and subsequently embarked on a long series of concerts in Italy and Europe.
“There are more and more musicians born and raised in Italy who, after a long period of frequentation of the more orthodox jazz language, feel the desire to find their own expressive identity in which jazz and music from other traditions can meet and mix to give life to something closer to our aesthetics. It is no coincidence, for example, that here many of us have dedicated themselves to the study of the South American musical tradition in its various forms, precisely because of the presence in it of melodic and rhythmic elements that are closer to and similar to our Latin and Mediterranean sensibility. .
The man who sings of the Latin Acoustic Quartet represents one of the most significant works created in this sense “(
With Roberto Nannetti he takes part in other important projects including the “egg project” from which the CD “Urla” and a series of concerts in Europe and Turkey will emerge.

Another important collaboration is with Klaus Lessmann, a Bavarian saxophonist with whom he will share many experiences. With Lessmann in M.Picchiò 4tet, in 1989 he made the LP “Biri San” for Splasc (h) and performed at the Morlacchi Theater in Perugia as part of the Umbria Jazz Festival 1989. With the Siena Jazz Big Band (with guests illustrious such as Enrico Rava, Gianni Basso, Marco Tamburini, Barbara Casini, Renato Chicco, John Ramsey) released the album “Abstrutions” in 2003. Finally in 2017 he records “Euphonics Sounds” dedicated to Scott Joplin’s music rearranged by the Bavarian maestro and presented at “Jazz Visions 2018” in Osasco (CN).

He is the leader of the “Franco Fabbrini Quartet” with Maurizio Giammarco on sax, Roberto Rossi on trombone and Francesco Petreni on drums and the “Franco Fabbrini Trio” with Matteo Addabbo on piano and Andrea Beninati on drums.

In addition to his jazz activity, he works as songwriting and as a composer of music for theater.


UMBRIA JAZZ 1988 and 1989 and Siena Jazz Festival 1990, [M.Picchiò 4tet]
Burghausen Jazz Wochen 1994 (Germany), Stuttgart 1998 (Germany), Ulm Jazz Made in Italy 1999 (Germany), Siena Enoteca Jazz Club 1999 and 2007 (Italy), Jazz Cocktail Toscana Music Pool 2000 and 2009 (Italy), [Acoustic Quartet Latin]
Club Tenco 1998 and 2003 (Sanremo, Italy), [Nicola Costanti]
Jazz Festival of Chartres 2003 (France), [Valter Ferrero 5tet]
TerniInJazz 2006 (Italy), Gray Cat 2005 and 2007 (Italy), Barga 2008 (Italy), Gray Cat 2010 (Italy), [Siena Jazz Big Band]
16th European Jazz Festival of Izmir 2009 (Turkey), Padova Jazz Festival 2010 (Italy), 18th European Jazz Festival of Izmir 2011 (Turkey), [egg project]
House of the Jazz Festival 2013 (Rome), Volterra Jazz Festival 2013, 2014, [G.Stracciati Trio]
Volterra Jazz Festival 2015, 2016, 2018, Piombino Jazz Festival (2019), Valdarno Jazz Festival (2019), PratoEstate Jazz Festival (2019), [Glenn Ferris Italian Quintet]
PratoEstate Jazz Festival (2017), Jazz Visions (2018), [Klaus Lessmann 4tet]
Havana International Jazz Festival (Cuba, January 2020), [Franco Fabbrini Quintet]
Accademia Chigiana International Festival (July 2021) [with the ORT Orchestra Regionale Toscana]

He has played with Glenn Ferris, Michael Blake, Nir Felder, Mauro Grossi, Stefano “Cocco” Cantini, Ramberto Ciammarughi, Karl Heinz Miklin, John Ramsay, Gianni Basso, Renato Chicco, Maurizio Giammarco, Claudio Fasoli, Roberto Nannetti, Francesco Petreni, Marco Tamburini, Klaus Lessmann, Roberto Rossi, Fulvio Sigurtà, Giovanni Falzone, Alessandro Giachero, Simone Graziano, Ettore Bonafè, Mirco Mariottini, Giulio Visibelli, Walter Paoli, Riccardo Galardini, Giulio Stracciati, Robert Porter, Ed Kelly, Alfred Kramer, Paolo Birro, Alberto Borsari, Piero Borri, Luca Ravagni, Matteo Addabbo, Andrea Scognamillo, Paolo Corsi, Andrea Melani, Stefano Tamborrino, Maurizio Picchiò, Ettore Fioravanti, Achille Succi, Bernardo Guerra, Battista Lena, Pietro Tonolo, Luca Signorini, Daniele Fusi, Stefano Franceschini , Gianni Cerone, Claudio Fossati, Cristiano Micalizzi, Leandro Bartorelli, Stefano Onorati, Valter Ferrero, Alessandro Cristofori, Diego Perugini, Gianluca Meconcelli, Riccardo Onori, Mirko Guerr ini, Luigi Campoccia, Fabrizio Mocata, Luciano Biondini, Barbara Casini, Alice Reynolds, Sandra Cartolari, Iva Zanicchi, Marialaura Bigliazzi, Simona Bencini, DeciBel Orchestra, Joice Yuille, Jubilation Gospel Choir, Guacamaya Latin Band, Francesco Cafiso, Labyrinto, Alessandro Benvenuti, Guinga.